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All the Workshops happening at The Conscious Festival 2018

What we learn with pleasure we never forget.

– Alfred Mercier

We’re all about improving ourselves in order to be able to change the world- so here’re the people running workshops dedicated to helping you become a better you this weekend at The Conscious Festival 2018 in Singapore.


8:30 – 9:45 AM: Calisthenics Workout Session with PushPullGive 

Sign up here | SGD $8/per person; all proceeds will be donated to Animals Asia

Run By: PushPullGive

Using solely your own body weight for resistance and relying on minimal equipment, you will learn how to effectively perform a range of compound exercises, such as push-ups, core exercises, and lower body exercises. In this session, you will be learning and building muscular strength and endurance, as well as improving bone and joint strength, which aids in preventing injuries while you utilize your core to achieve a lean physique. It is for anyone; male or female, beginner or advanced who is interested in building complete strength, stability and mobility. Come help yourself understand the art of calisthenics, learn the correct form and techniques for body weight exercises and have all your fitness questions answered by the onsite trainer this Saturday! Get your tickets here.


11:00 (AM) – 12:30 PM: Fun with Organic Waste – Composting & Eco-enzyme

Sign up here | SGD $20/per person 

Run by: Green Nudge

Do you, like many people in the kitchens or at home, find yourself with too much organic waste such as fruit peels, vegetable cuttings and scraps? Wonder what you can do to make better use of these waste without adding to the trash and ultimately to Singapore’s landfill (that’ll be running out of space by the year 2035)? Fret not! Come join this workshop to have some fun with your organic waste, led by compost guru CY Ong. This one and half hour workshop will consist of the following two parts- Part one: “What and why are we composting? Can I really do it in a small space?” This is where participants will get to know the types of composting, finding materials, tips and troubleshooting help. In Part Two: “Turn waste into gold!” Participants will learn how fermentation can be used to make garbage enzyme. Get started on your composting journey today- buy your tickets here.


12:30 – 1:30 PM: Happiness Is a Plant-Based Meal: What the Science of Happiness Can Tell Us About Diet

Run by: Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

Sign up here | FREE

This workshop is free, highly interactive. Two areas are covered: The science of Positive Psychology is explained and experienced via activities and discussion, and Research on the link between diet and mood will be briefly and clearly explained. Participants can then discuss their diet choices in light of the research. The three workshop facilitators from Animal Allies Singapore are quite experienced in the topics presented. Dr George Jacobs (PhD) includes the workshop’s two topics in Educational Psychology modules he does for local teachers. Ryza Jacobs, certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies, did a recent presentation at the Bali Vegan Festival 2018. Cherish Yeo assists Ryza at his talks and classes. Together, Ryza and Cherish are founders of Sayang’s a plant-based cake business. Get free samples of Sayang’s Premium Dark Chocolate Cake when you attend the workshop! Sign up for free here.


2:00 – 3:30 PM: Secrets to a Super Smile

Run by: Dr. Surinder Arora of Soul Smile

Sign up here | FREE

A smile can be a game changer in how you look and feel. This session will be packed with scientific tips to keep your smile looking and feeling happy and healthy. Soul Smile will be giving you an introduction to the real deal with happiness, smiling from the inside out, what your smile says about you, dental health and how to look after your smile, the link between food and teeth and they’ll even be giving you breathing tools and techniques for health as well as their top tips for a healthy smile. Dr. Surinder Arora is a dentist, health coach and yoga teacher from the UK based in Singapore. She is also studying a Masters degree in Public Health and loves to share on the topics of happiness and health and gives educational talks on both general and oral health, and has also contributed to a range of publications internationally. Smile your way to a happier life- get your tickets here.


3:30 – 5:00 PM: Bringing Mindfulness Home

Run by: The Bright Life

Sign up here | SGD $50/ ticket- includes a mindfulness jar DIY kit worth $25, and 10% of proceeds go to Animal Allies Singapore

In our hectic world, where we’re constantly rushing from one thing to another, ticking off errands from our To-Do list, it’s become increasingly important that we find time to breathe and gather ourselves together to rest. Mindfulness has been given a trendy new look lately but what does it really mean and why do people swear by it? The great news is that it doesn’t require hours of meditation in a cave somewhere. Instead, it can be easily brought into your life with just a few simple steps. Through this 1.5 hour workshop, parents will develop a deeper appreciation of mindfulness and how to use it as a tool to bring the whole family closer together. Get your tickets to nirvana at home here.



8:15 – 10 AM: Fitbit presents: Wellbeing Morning with Pure Yoga

Run by: Fitbit & Pure Yoga

Sign up here | SGD $8/per person – All proceeds donated to Animals Asia

Conscious living starts with you – when our cup overflows we have plenty to give to the world. Kick start your weekend with a revitalizing turmeric elixir (from Bushwick – Singapore’s Original Kombucha) followed by an energising, 60-minute gentle morning flow routine and guided breathing exercises by Derris (from Pure Yoga), who believes in a yoga practice that leaves one happy, healthy, rejuvenated, and pain-free. His classes build both strength and flexibility, are fun and playful with his unique sense of humour, and are inspiring with emphasis on alignment and breath.

Following that, you’ll do a real-time heart-rate breathing exercise (bring your Fitbit or trial one)- participants will get to try the new Fitbit Versa colours that just launched. (It’s Fitbit’s all-day fitness companion that helps you live your best life. It’s a water-resistant, lightweight watch that tracks 24/7 heart rate, calorie burn, female health, has 15+ exercises, goal progress meters, sleep trackers and more.) Then, get tips on taking care of your heart and eat a FREE revitalizing breakfast (from The Whole Kitchen) afterwards. Eco-warriors who bring in and recycle their old wearable devices get a $25 Fitbit voucher, too! Get your morning flow in, tickets can be purchased here.


11:00 (AM) – 12:30 PM: Fun with Organic Waste – Composting & Eco-enzyme

Run by: Green Nudge

Sign up here | SGD $20/per person

See above for tickets and information!


12:30 – 2:00 PM: Using consciousness to strengthen your energy and read people’s energy

Run by: New Age Wizard and Angel Beads

Sign up here | FREE

This two-part workshop will help you understand how you can read a person’s face to get a blueprint of their personality and better tailor your communication approach so that you are better understood. You will also learn how you can achieve greater focus, clarity, peace and happiness through meditation. The first part of the workshop will be: An introduction on Face and Photo Reading by Dr. Moore. Photo reading is one of the few ways of obtaining critical information quickly and in a non-intrusive way. Through Face Reading you can read your boss’, partner’s, child’s or Tinder date’s face and understand how they think and why they behave the way they do. This will not only help you listen and be heard, but it will also help you win business deals, develop healthy romantic relationships, and understand your children’s behavior much better. The second part of the workshop will be: Expanding your consciousness, managing stress and unlocking your psychic abilities with Claudia Acha. During this section of the workshop, you will get a brief introduction to the power of the mind and consciousness understand the profound benefits of meditation and learn how to incorporate a quick, daily meditation practice that will enable you to have more energy, focus, peace and clarity during the day. Spots are limited, so register now for your free ticket, right here.


2:00 – 3:30 PM: Playgroup with a healthy twist
Run by: Wiggles and Wellness

Sign up here | FREE

A playgroup like no other, centered around health and wellness. Expect fun, healthy homemade snacks, messy play and circle time! Enjoy a day out with the family and pop by to see us for some fun, laughter, and learning. Wiggles and Wellness will be following their usual routine with some free play with snacks and drinks for parents and little ones, followed by some circle time and of course our messy play with an open discussion. This session’s topic will be TOYS: How to be more conscious when choosing what toys to give your children and how you can help the environment by buying better versions of the toys we all know and love.




11:00 – 7:00 PM: Maker’s Workshop

Run by: Happy Universe

Sign up at the door | SGD $20/per adult-child pair or $30/per adult-child trio

And of course, we couldn’t forget all about the young leaders of the future. All day from 11 am – 7 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, we’re having an incredible KID’S CORNER run by Happy Universe! They’ll be running a Maker’s workshop, where children will be exposed to a world of innovation. They will be creating games using recyclable materials that is commonly found around us. This workshop inspires a sense of excitement and curiosity about reuse, reduce and recycle culture. At the same time, encouraging participants to bond as a community.



3:00 – 5:00 PM: Kid’s room TALKS


We all know that peer learning leads to some of the most effective learning our children can do. So what better way to educate your young ‘uns on the issues our environment is facing, than by letting them listen to their peers speak? We’ve got a whole line up of speakers from an assortment of schools- check out who’s featured and what they’ll be talking about in their 10-minute segments below!

Noyna runs the Incredible Edibles project at Dover and has expanded in to India too!
Vidhi runs a Climate Change and Clean Energy Awareness Group at East campus and will be joined by a team that started their own Solar Panel project at the campus.
Leah runs the Composting project at the school and can talk about that and / or the Rainforest Restoration Project of which she is a member too.

Canadian International School
1. Christian – Water
2. Zaiyan – Electricity

CHIJ, Katong Primary
1. Svetlana – Sustainable Living
2. Simran – Plastic Straws

St. Stephen’s Primary
1. Darsheel – Skip the plastic


And that’s all the amazing workshops we’ve got lined up for you this weekend at The Conscious Festival 2018! Have you gotten your tickets to the TALKS and checked out our incredible line-up of live musicians yet?