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Aja Barber | Writer, Stylist & Consultant (she/her)

For speaking truth to power on all things fast fashion and more

Aja Barber is a well-known vocal critic of fast fashion—if you’ve followed her for a while now, you’ll know that she doesn’t shy away from telling it as it is. On her platform (mainly Instagram and Patreon), Aja talks about everything that’s wrong with the fast fashion industry: the way it makes us consume too much, racism and anti-feminism in the industry, its various unethical practices, it’s constant greenwashing, and of course, the billionaires that sit on top. 

But Aja doesn’t just talk about fast fashion, she talks about where the fashion industry is changing too. Recognising that the fashion industry, led by small businesses and the work of activists, is slowly moving towards a more sustainable and ethical direction, Aja regularly points out how this better fashion industry must also address the intersecting oppressions that exist in the current industry. The only way to move forward, after all, is to create a fashion industry that is more inclusive. This means sustainable and ethical fashion, too, has to be inclusive. 

While the industry has to take steps to make sustainable options more inclusive, Aja believes and wants to help people think differently about sustainability. It’s a common misconception that sustainability is unattainable and only available to the rich. Having a sustainable wardrobe doesn’t mean we have to purchase costly pieces. Aja’s work seeks to help people understand that sustainability is something that everyone can apply. Regularly, you’ll find her talking about how people can take accessible steps towards a more sustainable world.

Oh, and don’t miss out on her commentary on issues related to fast fashion: racism, feminism, colonialism, and more. We live for her no holds barred approach, and incredibly eloquent, sensible, and hard-hitting takes. Though she mostly microblogs on Instagram, Aja’s work can also be found on Patreon, and she’s often working as a speaker and consultant as well, working with various brands, organisations, and communities. You’ll find her work too on publications like Eco-Age, The Guardian, CNN, and you’ll hear her on podcasts and sometimes even on live TV. Most recently, she’s appeared in Al Jazeera’s live programme “Studio B: Unscripted” with fellow Green Warrior, Asad Rehman.

And to top it all off, Aja’s about to become an author! Her book, Consumed: On colonialism, climate change, consumerism & the need for collective change, which teaches you how to be a citizen, not a consumer, will be out in September this year. 

Listen to our podcast interview with Aja 

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