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Green Is The New Black

Your Ultimate Guide to Conscious Christmas Gifts Under $100

Reading Time: 9 minutes
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Let’s face it; Christmas is expensive. And it can be difficult to fill stockings for your loved ones with meaningful things that aren’t just cheap plastic rubbish that you know they’re going to throw away.

So this year we’re getting you started with a comprehensive list of affordable conscious gifts that are less wasteful, more useful and environmentally-friendly that’ll make your loved ones, your wallet, and the Earth very, very happy. We’ve got something for their faces, for them to eat, for them to wear, something that smells great, for their health and those extra unique gifts.

Wholesome skincare products

Avant skincare bottles

Apres Avant has something for everybody. Whether your friend Amy is constantly complaining about being bloated or if Aunt Linda is looking to try a great new shampoo, you’ll find the gift best suited to even the most annoying to buy for person right here. From plant-based supplements that support beauty from the inside-out to amazing Amazonian moisturisers full of every antioxidant ever; it’s a green beauty lover’s heaven. Shop here.


All-natural remedies

Lavender and a bottle of oil

Spoiler alert: The only people who have ever finished a tube of lip balm without losing it, don’t actually exist. Sven’s Island has got some of the best all-natural remedies for any sort of ailment your skin might be suffering from. If your friends are suffering from skin drier than their sense of humour, then this is one brand of lotions and creams that you’ve definitely got to look into. We LOVE its Miracle Manuka Medi-leaf ointment. It comes in the most adorable little tin you can use it for everything and it lasts FOREVER. Got a friend who’s preparing for the apocalypse? They need this. Shop here.


 Good-for-you products

Conscious Christmas gifts: skincare products

Who couldn’t use a little more positivity in their lives? With its inspirational, good-for-you products that come in such bright, spirit-lifting packaging, you can’t help but have An Uplifted Day be an essential part of any stocking you make for your loved ones. With its dazzling array of items ranging from Apothecary to Beauty to Lifestyle needs, this is your port of call for both the office gift exchange this year and for those family members who refuse to even consider that sustainable options (like reusable bags) could possibly ever be this cute. Shop here.


Conscious Christmas gifts: Acacia honey

“If everything is honey, and I am what I eat, I must be made of honey… and life is very sweet!” – Winnie the Pooh. Let your friends and family know just how much sweeter they’ve made your life this year with Hexapi’s incredible range of organic honey products. From actual honey to gummy bears and even its very own select range of organic honey liqueurs, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for everybody’s stocking, from the wee little babe to your granddad. Shop here.

Nutrition Powder

Lembas protein shaker on sand

Give your friends and family the gift of saving time, not having to cook AND not having to starve when they’re on the go. For the fitness addict in your life, or the people who just don’t have the time to sit and eat completely nutritionally balanced meals every single day. Lembas is just here to make everybody’s lives just that little bit easier amidst the chaos of the holiday season. Get your nutritionally balanced powder, bottles and scoops right here. Shop here.


Pili Pushers bags of nuts

How do you gift someone that wonderfully warm, cosy, fuzzy feeling in your heart? Well, one way to get there is through their stomach! GTC Life’s amazing array of healthy pili nut snacks and raw trigona honey will have everyone going nuts over you (and your amazing gift-giving skills). Also, fun fact, these little crunchy things are natural stress relievers, too; so stock up and send them to your boss for a happier new year. Shop here.

Edible hampers

Nuts and biscuits from The Whole Kitchen

This year, The Whole Kitchen have come up trumps with a delicious selection of wholesome festive treats. It’s created a range of edible presents (our top picks include the Biscotti Lover Gift Set and Christmas Morning Hamper), all of which are packed with healthy, yummy nuts, biscuits, granolas, and more. Look out for its seasonal festive flavours, including gingerbread almonds, cranberry pistachio and chocolate hazelnut biscotti, and rock salt and rosemary nut mix. Whatever you choose it’ll come in a reusable glass jar or eco-friendly packaging. Shop here.

Recycled jewellery

Protesta jewellery

Sleek, stylish and made out of unwanted recycled aluminium, Protesta won’t have your family protesting against your gift choices this year. With their timeless collections based on minimalist design, made out of durable material under the 4R structure, they’re easy to match with everything and last for years. So whether you’ve got a teenage niece who’s going through her “cool” phase or you’ve just been wanting to see your mum (or your colleagues, or your boss) dressed a little bit more fashionably, throw these in their stockings for some big smiles this year. Shop here.

Upcycled accessories

Colourful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces

Everybody loves a little bit of bling, and these eye-catching, upcycled accessories from Six Degrees will have your friends and family looking red-carpet ready (and you don’t have to spend ALL your cash to help them feel fabulous). They’re also fair trade and handmade items sold directly from the artisans that lovingly craft them- so not only will you be bringing some sunshine to whoever you give this to, but you’ll be improving the lives of the artists you buy them from, too. Shop here.


Diadem candle and a plant

Candles: The gift that pretty much never goes wrong. Whether you’re trying to tell them that you love them or are willing to indulge their obsession with burning wax, Diadem candles have got the perfect hand-poured soy wax candle for you. You can choose from its enamel mugs or recycled bottle candles. What’s more, it even has DIY-Candlemaking kits so that you can help your loved ones possibly discover a new hobby. Shop here.

Conscious Christmas gift: Hush candle

Hush candles are on the simpler side of life. They’re for the minimalists who tell you that they hate colours, can’t stand clutter and who absolutely hate holidays that involve gifts. We can’t imagine there’d be anyone on the surface of the earth who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of Hush’s super aesthetically pleasing (and decadent) essential-oil-infused soywax candles this Christmas. Shop here.

Essential Oils

Essential oils

Not everybody is a candle person, and that’s totally okay. This is a judgment-free zone. My Pure Earth is here to fulfil all your loved ones’ nice-smelling crafting and health-helping needs; whatever you need a perfectly distilled, chemical and pesticide-free essential oil for, they’ve got you covered. Shop here.

Health food


Look, it’s really, really hard to get gifts for the old farts in your life and the ones who are on their mid-life health kick. Your Vitality Store is here to solve all your gifting problems with these people, and make them live longer, healthier lives while they’re at it! Get them the supplements of their dreams and help them get rid of their random concerning aches and pains so that they can be their best merry selves this holiday season. Shop here.

Copper bottles

Copper bottles

If you’re looking for something unique, quirky, literally only-one-in-the-world, then look no further than The Spirit Haus. With its incredibly beautiful limited edition copper bottles and cups, as well as its gorgeous tiny elephant notebooks and custom-made jewellery drawers, you’re sure to find something for the eccentric weirdo you love in your life. Shop here.


Conscious Christmas gift: card

Of course, no Christmas is ever complete without a little holiday card. Tinee Dino has got you covered this holiday season with its adorable and affordable cards that’ll help your loved ones remember to lighten up and be merry this Christmas. And if your loved ones are far away? Fret not! They also do postcards and stickers that won’t cost you a fortune to mail and are sure to deliver a great big smile and some sunshine to their day. Shop here.

Luxury skincare

FrankSkincare products, a grapefruit and a pear

Skincare is always welcome in a stocking and that’s especially true for luxury organic skincare. FrankSkincare makes organic small-batch skincare that uses only 100% natural, non-GMO, organic and paraben-free ingredients while evoking that artisan feel. Plus its packaging is ultra-cute, recycled and recyclable. FrankSkincare has been praised for seamlessly marrying science with beauty for those living in hot and humid Asia, making it a perfect addition for anyone whose skin is exposed to Asia’s elements. Shop here.


A Sani cashmere scarve

Cashmere — the ultimate and ideal Christmas gift that works for just about everybody. Sani works with artisans to create handwoven scarves, throws and blankets with ethical cashmere. It sources the cashmere from a local Nepalese community of mostly women that harvests the wool themselves and spins it together. A portion of its sales also goes back to the community. By gifting a Sani scarf, you’ll be gifting a community at the same time. Shop here.


Two models wearing Hoya kerry fitness wear

Because New Years is just a few days after Christmas and with that comes resolutions that start with going to the gym. And what better way to motivate someone to hit the gym than with new workout gear? Hoya Kerry makes sustainable activewear from eco-friendly fabrics with reusable packaging that is good for yoga, gym and dance. In addition to that, for every order it gets, it plants one tree. Its philosophy is love green, love sweat and love MORE — which sounds just like our own New Year’s resolutions. Shop here.

Ethical fashion

Woman's hand holding a blue bag

Earrings, bags and other small sustainable lifestyle accessories are a staple and super affordable add on to any Christmas list, and Just Gaya’s has got a selection of brand’s offering all of the above. The multi-label boutique is dedicated to curating a collection of brands, each bringing a unique handmade element to their product design. They retail brands such as Frankitas, Nala Designs and Isle & Tribe, in addition to its namesake collection of accessories that are also environmentally conscious through the use of natural plant-based dyes and handmade weaving techniques. Shop here.


face serum

Christmas is also a great time to introduce your friends and family to something new, and with CDB being all the rage right now, this is a good place to start. Heaven’s Please is a premium CBD (Cannabidiol) lifestyle brand featuring clean and natural products. If you know someone looking to transform their wellness routine, try popping some CDB oils into their stocking and watch them reap the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of CBD over the holidays. Shop here.


Unique streetwear

Man and woman posting in black clothes

Clothes make a great Christmas gift but choosing a brand that is sustainable is a great way to not fall into the fast fashion trap. eleven44 was founded in 2008 in Bali with a desire to provide ethical comfort basics and unique streetwear and athletic wear made from eco textiles for daily use for the thoughtful and aware consumer. They also work with cottage industry in Bali to produce their small-batch clothing and jewellery lines with the intention to provide carefully produced items designed for practicality with a long life. Shop here.

Natural toothpaste

Affordable Christmas gifts: Noice toothpaste

Toothpaste — everyone uses it, so why not introduce your friends and family to a natural brand this year. NOICE is a botanical toothpaste that’s 100% natural, fresh, and a completely safe alternative to regular toothpaste. The ingredient list is short and all-natural. It also relies on eco-friendly packaging and distribution. Shop here.

All-natural lifestyle products

Two Utama Spice products on bed

Utama Spice is an established Balinese brand, specialising in 100% natural beauty and lifestyle products made with little more than cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and pure essential oils. They’ve got all-natural liquid soaps, shampoos, massage oils, lip balms, Begone Bug insect repellant spray & incense sticks, body mists — you name it. But to encourage and inspire an upcoming year of travel, pick up a travel kit from Utama Spice with a smaller sized version of some of the most loved products. Shop here.

Handcrafted textiles

Woman wearing black, red, and white scarf

Stoles, get your stoles here. Ritu Priyanka makes handcrafted textiles and adorned garments that are fashion-forward yet ethically conscious. Their vision is to weave the history, knowledge and craft of Indian textile artisans into the ever-evolving world of fashion. Each piece is well researched and designed to be in line with the fashion season, adding more grandeur to the craft it promotes. Ritu Priyanka gives you an opportunity to own apparel which has heritage in every warp and weft. Shop here.

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Olivia is a bon vivant with an insatiable appetite for...everything. Upon being horrified at the amount of rubbish she produced in a single day, her journey towards finding a better balance between being extravagant yet sustainable began. Like most obsessions, down the rabbit hole she went and it wasn’t long before she decided to shift her sustainable preachings from Friday nights after too much wine to every day at Green Is The New Black. Olivia is still trying to figure all this ‘the end of the world’ stuff out, so she is keepin’ it real, one super small #LittleGreenStep at a time. Be like Olivia.