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Green Is The New Black

5 Things To Think About Before You Splurge On Activewear

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Beyond gearing up for a good workout, there is a lot more to consider when picking out activewear aside from does it look cute and support your puppies. It’s also essential to choose a brand that you can hold accountable when it comes to the impact they have on the planet. hoya kerry is a Hong Kong-based activewear brand we found (and love) that ticks all the boxes, and we wanted to tell you why….

For the 87th time, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries of this era. The mass production of fast fashion focuses on speed and low costs, which generates more and more textile waste, thus damaging the environment and polluting our oceans. Moreover, every time we wash a synthetic garment, microplastics are released into the water. Fortunately, every day there is a new brand doing new things to save the planet, and it’s important for you, as a consumer, to do your research and make conscious choices ahead of making any purchases.

hoya kerry is an environmentally-conscious fitness and wellbeing lifestyle brand that we stumbled upon and fell in love with. It makes high-performance activewear with a philosophy that embraces #loveGreen #loveSweat #loveMORE. We were first lured in by its logo, which is the hoya kerry, a heart-shaped plant and a symbol of love (and also the brand’s namesake). Then came its sports bras, which fit and flatter the female form as a result of the signature lining that is built around different pads based upon your body (and boob) type. Then we lusted over its fabrics, which are sustainably produced. In light of that, we wanted to help our readers make the best choices, and hoya kerry is an excellent place to start.



1. Your activewear might be good at wicking sweat but is it good at wicking pollutants from the planet?

Since going green has become trendy, so have many instances of greenwashing. These days, it’s essential to not only find a company that uses environmentally-friendly materials and means of production but also to find out what those materials and processes are. hoya kerry minimises its environmental impact by using recycled polyester, which is a yarn made out of ocean plastic waste that is spun by a Taiwanese textile company. Obviously, recycled polyester is a better alternative because it is based on recycled materials. The process involves breaking down disposable PET plastic bottles into small chips.  They are first sterilised and dried, then the chips are heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn before being knit into a polyester fabric that is stretchy, breathable and lightweight.

2. Who made the item and what are their policies?

Many brands have superior in-house sustainable policies, but what about their suppliers? And their producers? This touches back to the 2013 movement called “Who Made My Clothes” that was launched as a response to exploited garment workers in Bangladesh. It’s important to ask questions that go beyond what’s printed on the label. hoya kerry does the legwork for you and ensures there’s no unfair or unsafe labour that goes into making their clothes because clothes shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet or people (they even take pictures of their labourers at their place of work).

And that applies to not only who made them, but also what their practices are. hoya kerry seeks only to partner with suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and minimise environmental impact. They require that their suppliers meet their standards for social responsibility, safe and non-toxic, and better materials. They believe that greater transparency in the fashion supply chain is paramount, and also the first step needed to transform the industry. They ensure their suppliers take social and environmental standards seriously.



3. What kind of packaging is a brand using?

Have you ever bought an eco-friendly item that’s come wrapped in plastic? It’s also a telltale sign that a brand isn’t fully committed to its sustainable policies. hoya kerry tries to avoid unnecessary packaging as much as possible to reduce single-use plastic, and some items have no packaging at all. hoya kerry’s garments also come with a custom-designed non-woven drawstring bag as a cover. It’s also reusable and perfect to use to carry your sweaty clothes or as a washing bag to increase the longevity of your sports bras and leggings. Their hangtag is also 100% recyclable.

4. How do they ship items out?

Shipping is a tough one, not just because of packaging but also because of the carbon footprint left behind. For the latter, there is offsetting which you can be done through practices like #5, and for delivery, there are several options that don’t use plastic. hoya kerry uses kraft canon rather than a plastic courier bag, which also gives better protection during the shipping process. Kraft products are treated with fewer chemicals and don’t involve extensive bleaching. Unlike other traditional papermaking processes, Kraft can use all types of wood and therefore it is more environmentally friendly.


5. Is the brand giving back to the community?

Yes, profits are significant to a business as it’s what enables them to continue doing what they do. But when a portion of that profit is used to give back to the planet, that’s the cherry on the proverbial cake. The way hoya kerry see it, climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, of which CO2 is by far the most significant contributor. Since trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it, hoya kerry decided to plant trees. For every order it gets, it plants one tree with the help of Tree Nation.


Before you go…

Get active with hoya kerry and fundraise to help the Amazon Rainforest at the same time. Throughout November, hoya kerry has curated a series of charity classes including yoga, barre, dance, fitness, and more, followed by a ‘Protect our forests’ talk by Greenpeace. Find out more and sign up via Facebook. It’s a non-profit event with all net profit donated to Greenpeace. Conscious fitness? Hell yes.


Shop online with hoya kerry here, and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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