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Green Is The New Black

4 Green Music Festivals Where You Can Get Your Groove On in Asia

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We all love a good time, with good people, good vibes and good music.

But did you know that music festivals like Coachella can produce up to 107 tonnes of waste per day that it runs? That’s a lot of stuff going straight into our landfills since only 20% of it gets recycled. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your jivving days for good; here are our favourite great green and sustainable music festivals around Asia that are conscious, carbon-neutral and still absolutely amazing for vibing. From Shi Fu Miz in Hong Kong, to Wonderfruit in Thailand, to Bali Spirit Festival in Bali and Garden Beats in Singapore – this is truly regionally. Oh, and we have discounts!


Shi Fu Miz Festival, May 2017 – Official Report

Shi Fu Miz Festival, May 2017 – Official ReportWatch the full Shi Fu Miz Festival highlights by derryography and start looking forward to next edition this year.Registers for October 2017 Edition will be announced soon 🙂

Posted by Shi Fu Miz on Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Hong Kong

27th – 28th October 2018

Tickets | Event Page

Shi Fu Miz is the first-ever zero-waste music festival in Hong Kong. They are firm believers that you can definitely both party hard AND still be green. So this year, they’ve decided to completely ditch single-use plastic and collect their organic food waste this year, which will divert over 4,000 plastic bottles and over 10 kilos of food from entering landfills. This collaborative music and art festival between the Hong Kong based creative agency FuFu and the music collective La Mamie’s from France aims to offer modern yet cultural activities in Hong Kong, while also celebrating the gorgeous nature all around them.

Happening at Sai Yuen Farm, this year’s festival not only includes a killer lineup, it also includes eco-talks and workshops, reusable cups, biodegradable glitter and a solar Sound System; one music stage will be entirely run on solar energy or energy coming from biking movements. If you’ve ever wanted to either ride on a sampan or go on the wildest, greenest camping trip of your life, this festival is for you. As their green partners we are excited to see you there!

Get your last-minute tickets and info here, and use the code “SFMLOVESGITNB” for 10% off!




13th – 16th December 2018

Tickets | Event Page

Wonderfruit is Thailand’s pioneering, carbon-neutral four-day celebration of the arts and sustainable living. With its international live music acts and DJs, perspective-shifting talks and workshops, world-class cuisine, it’s one festival that’s not to be missed. Located within Siam Country Club, Wonderfruit’s new home is not only bigger in size but also abundant in natural features and presents an opportunity for the festival to become completely sustainable in years to come.

Locally sourced bamboo will act as the foundation of venues, stages, architectural structures, art installations and booths for
vendors. Wonderers can expect lush venues surrounded by shady coconut plantations, tropical evergreen forests, pristine lakes and beach and stunning sunsets and sunrises set against mountain vistas. The new site will also have a zero single-use plastic policy in place this year. What else are you waiting for?

Find out more about the man behind this festival here, and use the code “WonderGITNB2018” for 10% off 4 days passes from now till October 11th.


BaliSpirit Festival 2019: Yoga, Dance, Music and Inspiration

Come alive and celebrate, self-express and connect with a soul family from around the world. Immerse into a wide variety of yoga, dance, healing and breathwork and be supported and guided by an incredible group of teachers: www.balispiritfestival.com/program/day-time-line-up

Posted by BaliSpirit Festival on Wednesday, 22 August 2018




24th – 31st March 2019

Tickets | Event Page 

BaliSpirit Festival is one of South East Asia’s biggest annual yoga, dance and music festivals. The BaliSpirit Festival was founded as a premier international and holistic wellness and world music destination event that contributes positively to the ecological health, cultural vibrancy, and overall vitality of Bali and greater Indonesia. The festival attracts a large number of world-class yoga teachers, healers, breathwork and movement facilitators from all over the globe to share their knowledge and practice every year.

Their vibrant gala event also unites music artists with top alternative health and wellness masters and hosts incredible evening concerts during the festival. In addition to providing an inspiring space for personal transformation and sacred celebration, the Festival emphasizes giving back to the local Balinese community through creative outreach initiatives. The BaliSpirit Festival currently operates two outreach programs annually: the HIV & AIDS education program Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS and the reforestation initiative, Bali ReGreen.

Ready to help the Balinese community through partying? Check them out here.



The Official After-Movie of Garden Beats Festival 2018 is here! Re-live the feel-good vibes at your favourite Electronic Picnic Festival.

Posted by Garden Beats Festival on Wednesday, 16 May 2018



Early 2019

Tickets | Event Page

Garden Beats was (and is) the first-ever carbon-neutral music festival in Singapore. Aside from funding an energy efficiency project (Sustainable Development LifeStraw in Rural Kenya) to generate 141 metric tons of UN Gold Standard Carbon Credits (which offset the energy they used to run the festival!), they also use biodegradable cups made from cornstarch, as well as a return your cup reward system where every time you returned your cup to the bar, you saved $1 on the next drink!

Alongside their epic list of local and international musicians, they also hosted a Conscious Market filled with organic and cruelty-free brands, and donated all food waste from the picnics and food vendors will to the local urban farming heroes. They even had a styling field, a picnic field, a social field, a culinary field and a play field! We’re so proud to be their green partner to help them to continue their green efforts, and come back bigger, better and greener than ever in 2019.

Follow them here for all the latest updates.


We’ve got our partying schedules all done up and ready for the year- have you? Let us know which festivals you’ll be at- we might just see you there.


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