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ESG green is the new black

When Misleading Environmental, Social, Governance regulations (ESG) And Fossil-Fueled Wars Collide

ESGs—which denote a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance interests—have been around for over two decades. But the war in Ukraine has put them under the public microscope. We take this moment to reframe the inner workings of ESGs: how democratic and effective are they? And why are they backing up the war through Russian…

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Indigenous wisdom is climate science. Here’s how to incorporate it into your eco-activism.

Indigenous wisdom is science. It does not follow the Western scientific method and is therefore often dismissed as invalid. However, research that confirms its effectiveness is growing. If we have any chance of restoring the earth's balance, we must be guided by Indigenous wisdom in both formal settings and in our daily lives.  Left…

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zambia climate crisis racist green is the new black

The climate crisis is a racist crisis, and we need to talk about it.

"Environmental” problems are often framed in narrow technical ways that make it hard to link "natural disasters" to their broader social and political causes. Climate change has always been deeply entangled with capitalism and racial oppression. What is the nature (and consequence) of this entanglement? How do we exist within and/or in relation to it?…

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energy observer green is the new black

Meet Energy Observer, the World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Zero-Emission Boat to Tour the World

The world’s first renewable energy-powered vessel has finally landed on Singapore's shores, making its first and last 10-day stopover this March. We look at how the expedition is mobilising and raising awareness for a green transition while exploring solutions to prove that another energy world is possible.  Energy Observer is the name of a boat,…

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