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Al Jazeera fast fashion chile

A viral image of a mountain of discarded clothing in a desert shows us exactly what’s wrong with ultra fast fashion.

Photos of a fast fashion dumping ground in Chile have been circling the internet this week. A new investigative report exposes the exploitative truth behind Shein’s “glitzy front”. As we enter the retail holiday season, we ought to remind ourselves that ultra fast fashion, faster than ever, kills. We need to stop overproduction now. But…

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H&M X PETA: Are they pulling the (vegan) wool over our eyes?

H&M has collaborated with animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to create a vegan collection. The ‘Co-exist Story’ range by H&M is "vegan” and “PETA-approved”. The partners say they are exploring innovative alternatives to animal-derived fabrics. So far, so good. But, what does that actually mean? Is this finally a…

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