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Craig Leeson | Filmmaker, Director of “A Plastic Ocean”

Filming his way to plastic-free seas For his work advocating for plastic-free oceans Craig is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker, television presenter and public speaker. He is the global evangelist for the Plastic Oceans Foundation, a charity dedicated to ending humanity’s single-use plastic addiction within a generation. Craig’s debut cinematic feature film, “A Plastic Ocean”, which he…

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Ken Hickson | Managing Editor, ABC Carbon

For his commitment to sustainability and its four E’s: Environment, Energy, Economy and Ethics For his commitment to sustainability and its four E’s: Environment, Energy, Economy and Ethics. He has been involved with numerous conservation and sustainability related organizations, and has published his book “The ABC of Carbon” and continues to publish his regular climate change…

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Tze Wei U | Head of Product and Business Development, Mango Materials

Making fabric from thin air For transforming methane from landfills into textiles Imagine a world without plastic pollution. Tze Wei is Head of Product and Business Development at Mango Materials, a company developing an award-winning technology that turns waste greenhouse gases into a fully biodegradable material to replace plastic. A believer in waste as a resource,…

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Emily Lam Ho | Co-founder, EcoDrive Hong Kong

Giving with a green heart For her work promoting awareness about environmental issues and reducing the use of single-use plastic Emily is the co-founder and interim CEO of EcoDrive Hong Kong, a NGO dedicated to promote the awareness and reduction of single-use plastic, through education, corporate partnerships and community outreach programs. EcoDrive has co-produced mini-movie “Start…

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Judee Tan’s Big Break-up…with Plastic! #RecyclemoreWasteless

Singapore throws an estimated 2.2 million straws away every single day.   That's more than enough plastic to circle our entire island...twice. And if that's not enough to shock you, here's another fact: Singaporean supermarkets alone give out 2 million plastic bags per day. That's over 820 million plastic bags from grocery stores, daily. We're swimming…

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